What's in the box?

Chef Crafted Meal Kit

What's in the box?

WHISK offers a wide selection of flavorful, nutritious meals to suit any taste, from vegetarian to adventurous! We take pride in the wonderful selection of recipes from our chefs’ kitchen, in the quality of ingredients and our regard for both local preferences and the cuisines of many cultures.

Each meal kit comes in its own box, within two hours of your online order. In case you’re out when it arrives, the box comes with a recyclable icepack for ingredients that need to stay chilled until you get home. If you end up working late at the office or stuck in traffic, don’t worry. (We can also deliver to your workplace!)

Open the box and you’ll find everything you need for a beautifully prepared meal. Each ingredient has been meticulously premeasured, organized and packaged for maximum convenience and freshness. A colorful recipe card has complete, step-by-step instructions you’ll find clear and easy to follow. For most WHISK meals, you don’t need anything but a saucepan and a few utensils. In about 10 minutes, you can serve a home-cooked meal that’s expertly seasoned and perfectly prepared. Enjoy!

WHISK believes in local sourcing of ingredients and environmental sustainability. Our boxes and packaging are recyclable, and so is the cold-pack that comes with it. Return it to WHISK, and earn points for discounts on future menus!