How it Works?

Little Effort, Big Taste

Here’s how WHISK works. First, go to our website or download the WHISK app to your mobile device. Browse our richly varied menu of Malaysian-influenced recipes, and choose any individual meal kit. All of our recipes are carefully chosen by our team of chefs. You’re sure to find selections that appeal to you, satisfy your appetite or pique your interest!

From the moment you order, WHISK swings into action. Within an hour, all of your meal’s ingredients are freshly selected, measured, and prepared. Some of the sauces you’ll need are pre-made right here in our kitchen, saving you time.

Next, we carefully pack your meal’s ingredients into a box, including a recyclable cold-pack to keep protein-based items like fish, beef and poultry fresh, and vegetables crisp. That way, if you’re running late, perishable items stay chilled until you arrive.



Once packaged, we whisk your selection to you within two hours. You can order from anywhere – your home in the suburbs or your office in the city. We believe that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you deserve a healthy, nutritious and flavorful meal.

When you open the box, the rest is up to you! Your time is your own, and if you want to postpone mealtime, simply refrigerate the contents, observing the clearly marked “prepare by” dates.

When you’re ready, just follow the easy, step-by-step instructions on the recipe card. Most of our warm meals take only 5-10 minutes to prepare with only a saucepan and a few utensils.

Cleanup is easy, no pots, mixing bowls or blenders to clean! Our packaging is recyclable, too, and if you return the cold-pack, it will be refreshed and reused, making the whole process more sustainable and environmentally friendly. And, you’ll receive points toward discounts on your next order.

WHISK works for individuals, couples and busy families. We hope you’ll enjoy our convenience, variety and inspired recipes. Now, let’s get started!