Our portions are large in general, cater for 1 - 2 serving size.

Nutritional information are available on the website for each meal. We are serving a balanced meal with all nutrition taken into consideration.

Most of our meals have cooking time of 8 - 15 minutes. There are cases where certain meal takes longer.

You can message us using your account, our facebook, or call us at +603 5131 7311

We are concentrated in the central are of Klang Valley. We are always working to expand our coverage and you can check by trying your address.

There is no minimum order. We deliver even for a single meal.

Your order will be delivered on the selected date and within the selected timeframe.

Order can be placed anytime. Daily time slot will be close 2.5hours before delivery time slot. 

We encourage delivery to office. Meal kit is provided with ice pack to assure freshness.

Packaging and ice pack can be return upon your next order by passing to the delivery person. In return we will reward you with points for helping the environment.

Coverage of postcode : 40000, 40100, 40150, 40200, 40300, 40400, 40450, 40460, 40470, 46000, 46050, 46100, 46150, 46200, 46300, 46350, 46400, 47100, 47160, 47170, 47180, 47190, 47300, 47301, 47400, 47410, 47500, 47600, 47610, 47620, 47630, 47800, 47810, 47820, 47830, 50050, 50150, 50200, 50300, 50350, 50460, 50470, 50480, 50490, 50586, 50603, 50680, 51000, 51100, 51200, 51700, 51990, 52000, 52100, 52200, 53000, 53300, 54000, 54100, 54200, 55000, 55100, 55200, 55300, 56000, 56100, 57000, 57100, 57150, 58000, 58100, 58200, 59000, 59100, 59200

At Whisk we deliver daily from 12noon to 8pm every day. During checking out your selected meals, you can select your delivery date and delivery time slots available. Our daily delivery slots will be as below:

12noon to 2pm

2pm to 4pm

4pm to 6pm 

6pm to 8pm

Check the "Spam Folder" if it is not in your "Inbox Folder". Check again in 5 minutes and if there is no e-mail, kindly submit us a customer enquiry through "Contact Us" page

Each Whisk mealbox contained its own ice gel to maintain it's freshness without being refrigerated for atleast 3-4hours. We encourage all Whisk mealbox to be stored refrigerated at all times once received it from our rider. Place it at your fridge at home. Place it at your office pantry fridge. 

Yes you can. Every of our meal has its own shelf life written on the mealbox. You can also find the shelf life information on our website in each meal. The shelf life indicated is refering to being stored refrigerated conditions and not place elsewhere.

Each Whisk Mealbox has its own designated pictorial easy step by step cooking instruction placed inside it. Flip the manual card over for the cooking instruction and start enjoying cooking your WHISK meal.

There is no need for you to do that as at Whisk Kitchen, we have already clean, wash and handle all ingredients ready for cooking before packaging them into individual package place inside the Whisk Mealbox. All you need to do is toss in the ingredients and begin cooking.