About Us

Small things make a big life

Yours is busy and full, and leaves you little time at the end of the day to chop and measure, season and bake. That's why we're here - to whisk fresh, nutritious meals right to your door - whether you're at work or at home, whether you're cooking for a family or just ready to relax and enjoy a peaceful evening meal.

Variety is the spice of good living

Our chefs have curated the WHISK selection of recipes from the culinary delights of many cultures - and many are prepared with a local twist. Everything we send is thoughtfully packaged and perfectly fresh. We tke the worry and work out of cooking, so families can come together and enjoy sharing a meal.

Details make a big difference

Whenever possible, we source ingredients locally - helping the local economy. Our packaging is recycable, and we offer points for discounts when you return the cold pack for recycling, helping create a healthier environment!