How It Works

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  • You Select

    Choose from any of our exciting new recipes as our meals rotate weekly.

  • You Receive

    Fresh, perfectly portioned ingredients packed with care, delivered straight to your doorstep

  • You Cook

    Scan QR code to get cooking instruction.

  • You Enjoy

    Enjoy flavourful meals worth sharing.

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    Browse through our website or download the WHISK app to let us know your preferences and what you like to eat.

  • You Select

    Choose from any of our exciting new recipes as our meals rotate weekly.

  • You Receive

    A scrumptious meal made with healthy, whole ingredients, delivered straight to your doorstep.

  • You Enjoy

    Enjoy flavourful meals worth sharing.

Why Whisk

Celebrities have personal chefs. You have Whisk!

Whisk is Fast

Easy recipes for delicious meals

Whisk is Fresh

Ingredients delivered to your door

Whisk is Fun

Neatly packed and pre-planned


There's no denying life today runs at a frenetic pace. And when we're pulled in so many directions by work, family, friends, exercise, study, self-improvement (and you know, just surving) convenience is king. But for too long, convenience has come at the cost of our health and wellbeing. And that's not to mention the social toll of too many takeaway meals gulped down in front of Netflix.

Whisk is here to change all that with a simple recipe; healthy, fresh ingredients, packaged together and delivered to you with simple instructions for a gourmet delight.

No subscriptions. No shopping. No fussy steps or techiques. Whether you're single and mingling or a family of five, Whisk is a hassle-free wy to ensure you're getting the nutrition and nourishment you need, even on the craziest of days. Gather around the table and celebrate life with a meal made by you and Whisk.

What's Inside The Box?

Your recipe box has everything you need to cook up a hearty meal.

  • Cooking Instruction

    Each meal is accompanied by a detailed, scan QR code to get cooking instruction to guide you at every step.

    Quality Ingredients

    A wonderful selection of perfectly measured ingredients from our chef's kitchen

  • Packaging Box

    Each ingredient has been meticulously premeasured, organized and packaged for maximum convenience and freshness.

    Ice Pack

    Each box comes with a recycable icepack to keep the ingredients chilled until you get home.

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